Bohrok Fusion but it's Anime

It was a japanese combo model that looked like an anime robot so I drew a sketch of it like an anime robot.


This looks really great


Why is Japanese always better? From cartoons to toys and just so many things it’s like they can do no wrong.


The Bohrok fusion is one of my favourite combiners so it’s great to see this! Love the interpretation of the parts and that you’ve kept the asymmetry. Inspires me to have a go at drawing it…

Imagine if we could get a canon contest for it lol

I know you were probably saying that in jest, but no country, people nor culture is perfect.
I’ll shut up before I start talking about the Burma railway or something

Edit: ahhh entertainment wise…okay, still disagree but yeah definitely more consistent than western media atleast.

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Well entertainment wise at least. Even their worst is better then other stuff.


Twinkle Nora Rock Me: “Wanna bet?”

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Ok; almost like they can do no wrong. Besides I feel like bad anime is one of those things it’s actually a more fun bad.

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