Bohrok Major

Bohrok Majors are a type of bohrok arriving just after the Bohrok-Kal as a backup plan.

Majors were a part of the swarm, but were less common.

They are built more for attack and defence, dealing with matoran and toa.

Bohrok majors have three krana and therefore house three minds.

Unlike other bohrok, majors have two types, one primary, and two subordinate.


  • Greater strength
  • Greater defense
  • Three minds


  • Reduced speed
  • Cannot fling krana or extend head
  • Weak legs

How it’s built

Size comparison


Impressive how even with all the added part it still can roll up! Bot a huge fan of the legs but doesn’t bother me that much, just look a bit flimsy. Overal I think it’s pretty great.


This is seriously impressive.

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Creepy and odd-looking, but in a pleasing way!

I like how he actually has weak legs as a flaw, that’s wonderful. :stuck_out_tongue:


A backup plan for a backup plan? The Bahrag must really be cautious planners :stuck_out_tongue:

The moc looks so clean pun intended n’ sleek, but most of all alien!

How is that wonderful


noice is the nuva cube 3d printed

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Well aside from looking like 3 bohrok that vezon fused together it looks good, it also still rolls up which is impressive.
I do wish that the legs were a big beefier, and that the head could articulate.

This is amazing. I really can’t find the words to describe wow perfect this is!

Dhanks guys

Yup. I plan on printing the rest of the nuva symbols soon.


Better than any of the Bohrok combiners we got.

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Something about the smaller legs really works here for me, maybe it’s just how well they add to the bruiser look it has. Speaking of which, the overall appearance of this guy is great and really screams ‘elite Bohrok’ more so than the Kal.

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I love the brutish nature of this Bohrok. The fact that it can become a ball is awesome as well.

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It’s just really funny because he actually does use just the standard Bohrok legs, and it’s just such an obvious weak point it reminds me of a video game boss. :laughing:


this guy is actually really great

Your cons sum up the only things I could complain about. If you are fine with that then I really don’t have a problem ignoring them in favor of the pros especially considering it can still roll.

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Fantastic concept! I love how you gave the bohrok a straight upgrade while still keeping the rolling up into a ball element.

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Great concept! Looks a bit creepy, not sure why. The fact that you managed to make it still fold into a ball and roll is very impressive.

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This is really interesting. Seems a bit… unnerving, seeing three Bohrok meshed together like this.

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this reminds me of that stupid exploding balloon man from Halo, those are really annoying if your unprepared.

That is a Flood Carrier form you are talking about.

It is the mature form of a Flood combat form and it explodes to spread the young infection forms.

You can gain education on the topic below: