Bohrok Tahnok Reimagined [Tablesrap] (folds into ball)

trans blue Ruru for Krana, removable although I prefer to not too, unfortunately there isn’t the function to snap head forward, though I plan to make all the remaining Bohrok and the Kal and fohrok each with unique buillds (not clone builds) and perfect upon the aesthetics and perhaps incorporate functions


Is that a screw?!

Feet are really odd, and the orange looks out of place, being a big chunk on the shields and little elsewhere.

Ruru works amazingly well as a krana.

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Very nice.

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@Racie02 yes I didn’t have a choice as my bars didn’t provide sufficient friction and axles were not an option due to the rotational nature of the connections essentially the screws served as stronger bars, a non purist move, thx for commenting. Also I wouldn’t have added orange altogether but didn’t have 2 of the large pod lid pieces in a more suitable colour, given no limitations, 90+% of the moc could have been pure red
@Cordax Thx

This barely looks like a tablescrap, you did a pretty good job with the parts you had!

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I’m getting not-insignificant Neo Shifters vibes from this Bohrok… :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, this is rather well done. A lot of Bohrok “reimaginings” I’ve seen don’t even fold into a ball, which feels like an oversight to me - so well done for including that functionality. It’s generally a hard build to adapt because everyone kinda loves the original design so much - this is a pretty solid attempt. The shaping on the head is particularly nice.