Bohrok the Cleaner

“It is said that the Bohrok sleep an eternal sleep, waiting to hatch. Once awakened, the swarms are unstoppable… a force so powerful, they can reduce mountains to rubble and turn life-giving rivers dry as the desert sands!”
— Turaga Vakama, The Bohrok Awake

Yeah, after my Ror(zahk/schach) revamp I would like to show you my own vision of the cool mechanical bugs from 2002. That year was one of the best bonkle years for me and I hope that you love these beasts too))

And yeah, is that really new background? Seriously? Not gray?


Whaaaaaaat? I had an idea for organic rahkshi and thought about bohrok. I- what? THIS IS TOO GOOD.

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This moc does have some resinous features of the rounded shield/body, teeths, and Krana? But there is something lacking that I can’t point out from my head… :gregf:

Either way, I like how you utilize the larger System pieces with Constraction/Technic parts, the exposed dark red limbs is very baring, however the appearance kinda distract that issue-

I love just about everything bohrok, and this is pretty cool. I like a lot of the concepts and the unique design.

This is sweet! I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time, but never got to it. Great execution here, and a really cool new take on an already awesome design!

Woah, this is stunning

Well yeah! That’s a pretty cool moc. But I really can’t see if you wanted to build the green one or the red one. The color scheme is pretty bad… 9,5/10

This is awesome, must’ve taken a really long time.
Why has no one made any jokes about the title yet?

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Ok so this thing is amazing! I have one question though: does it roll into a ball?

Fairly unique take on a classic set. Though can it roll up?

I honestly thought the first pic was a very well drawn concept design. Wow. This is impressive. It really doesn’t even look like LEGO.


Wow, this is terrifying. I love it!

He tried to make levahk. The red came from the krana and eye color. To me it the color scheme makes waaay more sense.

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i love the build, but the limbs need a bit more bulking up. Love the colors too

This is a great moc, but for some reason I just can’t imagine it as a Bohrok.

This is such a unique MOC, I hope it gets a spotlight.

Upper arms seem to spindly

All the likes!!!
I can actually finally picture the bohrok as being beetle-like. I always thought that the sets looked more like dinosaurs.

(the only thing that could make it better would be a brick-built krata).

2002 was my favorite year, too, until this thing gave me nightmares.
What a build, it is beautiful, yet hideous and intimidating. The new eyes and non-matoran limbs scream ‘this island is no longer habitable.’ Do those shields spin?

This is a great build but I personally felt the colors were fairly inconsistent.