Bolix, Toa of the Green

Here is my self-MOC, Bolix, a Toa of Plantlife. Over the course of many years, I had been modifying him as the new Bionicle sets came out. When the sets were discontinued, I stopped building onto him for a while, up until about a year ago when I found out about the TTV Podcast around the time that the early Bionicle 2015 leaks were coming out. This got me back into Bionicle and led to me finding my old Toa of Air MOC and adding blue parts. After seeing a lot of MOCs on these message boards, I upgraded his Inika torso to a custom-built one, causing him to evolve from this:

To this:

And finally to this:

Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my MOC!


Cool looks awesome

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(Just to forwarn you, it is kind of hard to see the MOC, So this is by very blurred looks wink)

  • The color scheme is OK
  • Looks pretty Cool sunglasses
  • Bulk Master
  • The gold (Even as a highlight) doesn't look that good with the silver behind it
  • The plates on the calves seem to stick out too far
  • Due to the Raanu shield pieces on the upper arms, they look a bit gappy
  • The chest sticks a bit too far out with the Metru foot on it
  • While the color scheme is consistent, the Metru Blue is jarring with the Metru Green

I would give this MOC a 7/10.
It looks OK in my opinion. He does look cool, don't get me wrong, but it has its issues. Also, if your MOC is called the Toa of Green, why does it have more blue than its named color? The world may never know.

Good Job! grinning

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Thank you! I did not actually call Bolix the Toa of the green because of his color, but because the element of Plantlife is known as "The Green" in the Matoran Universe.
Source: biosector01

I know. wink I just find the whole concept a bit funny.

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Not overly green, but still pretty cool. Also, cool mask.

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I think I must have put most of the green parts in the back and the inside of the torso where they can't be seen...


lookin cool for a self moc. I like the evolution aswell


Pretty cool, though I'm not sure what I think of the mask change. The gold Miru isn't a mask I see used often and kind of preferred it for its uniqueness.

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Changing the mask was a hard last minute decision, but I felt that the Volitak was a better fit for the color scheme and the head. This may be subject to change, though.

Master of green... why is Green an element? And why master if green has one shade of green and blue! I don't understand life

I see where you're confused. In the Matoran Universe, Toa of Plantlife are commonly known as Toa of the Green.

Looks freaking epic. I also enjoy the mask...

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Thanks! I'm thinking of making the mask a Mask of Psychometry carved into the shape of a Volitak.

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Is this one of those "Learn how Eljay got ripped with THIS pill!" ads? /mt

Nice moc!

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I really like this MOC, and I love the unique color scheme. smile My only issue is the Volitak, because it just undeniably looks like a scuba mask (I know it's not, but it looks like it).

Otherwise, great job.

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I like what I see! All is great except for one thing... from what I can see, the torso looks a bit too long, and too skinny towards the lower half. a photo where we see the whole figure standing upright could help me see, cause I could be wrong.

Thanks! As much as I like the Miru, I just felt that the Volitak was a better fit for the color scheme. My original intent was to have the Miru match the gold highlights on the shoulders and thighs, which it didn't do very well. However, I'm taking @PluralLego's advice and removing those gold highlights, and I'm considering using the Miru as the mask again.