bomonga and pouks

old man bomonga: the wise warrior and pouks: warrior of thy thighs of thunder and pink shine

“why did you wake me up? it’s only 7 am”
“I needed to show off my beautiful armour with a nice group pose”
“you could have at least waited for me to remove my slippers…”
“poses can’t wait”


I like that Oldmonga has teal slippers

Neat replication of the mocs.

can’t wait to see what memes Kuala and Gaaki get.


@racie02 Thanks, when someone comes up with a meme for the other two I will draw them.

Kualus and Gaaki are Toa of Light and Psionics, if given golden armor. Just random idea.
Nice drawing, nice joking.
But I really start to fear about thunderthighs and pink armor becoming hoseryx №2.

@Lesnichiy honestly I’m not totally opposed to thunderthigh pouks (little less convinced about the pink armor though) for kualus and gaaki I’ll wait for something more specific or wierd

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if it does it’d just be DQd

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Hey, wait a minute…

This is adorable and awesome! Really nice job, I love it!


Pouks’ thighs are thunder, as always.

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Yes, it is your moc right there, I just forgot to @ you, thanks for the compliments.

Only the finest thunder for pouks’ glorious thighs

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-sinks further into my “given up on humanity” pit-


Pro tip:
You can’t sink further if you are already at the bottom


That’s fantastic!

Would have loved to see a variation of these guys entered in the contest…

Nice! I find these mocs suprisingly fitting for the characters. Great choice of masks too!