Bomonga's and Pouks Masks

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With the recent canonization of the Toa Hagah’s appearances, some new Kanohi shapes were introduced, while some of the Hagah uses existing Kanohi due to the fact that the Toa Hagah’s Kanohi are known to be forged in the shapes of other Kanohi; Kualus’s Mask of Rahi Control is in the shape of the Mask of Sensory Aptitude, and Gaaki’s Mask of Clairvoyance is in the shape of a completely new Kanohi, whose power remains unknown.

My question, though, is about Bomonga and Pouks’s Kanohi. Both of these Kanohi are fan-created designs, originally intended to be variants of existing Kanohi. However, because the contest was only to determine the appearance of the masks, rather than their background, only the appearance of the masks was canonized. I am here to ask if you would be willing to canonize the intention behind these fan-made Kanohi as being variants.

Below, I have provided reference images of the original Lego-designed Kanohi, the 3d-printed models of the new fan-made Kanohi variants, and the new Kanohi as drawn in the official art, in order to highlight the similarities.

Bomonga’s Mask of Growth was a variant based on the existing mold of the Kanohi Faxon:

Standard FaxonGalva's FaxonBomonga's Faxon

Pouks’s Mask of Emulation was based on the Kanohi Kakama, intended to be a regional variant along the same lines as Lhikan’s Hau:

Standard Kakama

Based on the intended design behind these new Kanohi, would you be willing to canonize that Bomonga wears a mask in the shape of a version of the Kanohi Faxon, and that Pouks wears a mask in the shape of a regional variant of the Kanohi Kakama?


(Poster means the shapes they’re honoring, not Pouks & Bomonga’s mask powers, in case that causes confusion)

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Thanks for catching that, fixed it above.


I would also suggest to mention that the Bomonga moc’s mask is also a variant, as the existing mold is the standard form.

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This is not necessarily true. Every quote from Greg on the matter is either wildly contradictive, or leaves the possibility that the physical parts are not the standard forms. There’s a reason it originally said “version” rather than “variant”.

This discussion has been had many times over on the Canon Contest Discussion Topic, and I’ve addressed all the quotes I could find here:

Any further discussion should probably happen not on this Ask Greg topic, though.

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This quote specifies with all the context that the only mutation on Lesovikk’s Faxon is the tube. The question was if Lesovikk’s Faxon is a normal one, and Greg said it is. It’s quite a clear cut. As it’s already presented on BS01 I thought it wasn’t necessary to mention.


That’s the contradictory quote I was talking about. Every other relevant source states that the standard Faxon doesn’t have a visor, which contradicts the one you provided.

The shape without the visor still the existing set version of the mask, not the one used on Bomonga, hence the regional variant/version what I’m referring to. Is it possible that Lesovikk put the visor into the mask? Yes, but it won’t change the overall shape and the fact that the mutation being the gill/tube, not the other parts of the mask which are omitted and/or modified on Bomonga’s custom mask.

Is there any way we can regard Bomonga’s Kanohi as ‘Noble Faxon’?
It makes more sense that it is a noble-designed kanohi than a variant that is claimed that there will not be many.
Norik officially having a noble kiril-shaped pehkui.


It was designed to be a variant Kanohi from the beginning, not a standard or noble one. It would be kind of disgraceful to the designer to use it as a noble version imo