Bo'mur's Mining Team

Good day to you everyone! I’m back for showing my recently finished MOCs, it isn’t big though. Or should I say, they, and small rather? That’s right folks, time for Onu-Matoran squad, Bo’mur’s Mining Team!

Group pic

Bo’mur, The Crystal Head

More pics: Bo'mur, The Crystal Head | Flickr
Bio: Bo'mur, The Crystal Head by MrBoltTron on DeviantArt

Shortly about Bo’mur, he is my first Onu-Matoran MOC made around 9 months ago. He is mainly suppouse to have a hunchbacked dwarf look, similiarly like G1 Onua and Onua Nuva sets had a hunchback concept going on.
While the hunchback design works well for Bo’mur, but it isn’t pleasing for poseability, head cannot look up as you may have guessed already. Same thing with his arms, due to Bohrok limbs he has.
Inspirations however, the hand construction on him came from 0nuku, especially the thumb build on Mata/Robo Riders/Throwbots “hand”.

Sunoi, The Kanoka Marksman

More pics: Sunoi, The Kanoka Marksman | Flickr
Bio: Sunoi, The Kanoka Marksman by MrBoltTron on DeviantArt

Sunoi here is an alright MOC, but I could have added more of tan color on him though. Funny enough about him, he was originally called “Kozu”, which one day I was curious if there exists already Kozu named MOCs. I was half a way correct, but we already have Ninjago villain named Kozu. That’s where I had to change his name.
Sunoi is pretty much “a highly poseable MOC” his limbs are easy to pose and it also has a abdomen joint for slight dynamic poses. Unfortunately his ankle joints are system made, making only to be posed side to side (or partforming, switching ankle joints’ directions, making them to be posed forward and backwards then).

Pyrran, The Pyro-toran

More pics: Pyrran, The Pyro-toran | Flickr
Bio: Pyrran, The Pyro-toran by MrBoltTron on DeviantArt

Next here is Pyrran (Totally not TF2 Pyro ripoff hue hue), which is my absolutely favourite Onu-Matoran MOC I made, and it was fun to design him to be a pyro type character.
Like I already mentioned about Pyrran, he is heavily inspired from TF2 Pyro, I simply liked his weirdness and a lovely silly mumbling voice, I sort of made like Chibi Pyro MOC. This gasmask idea, I got inspiration from …The Chosen One…'s (Flickr) one of his MOCs, a MOC that utulized Kanohi Pakari with some additions on it.
Oh and cons about him? Other than that, his gasmask’s tube sometimes gets apart and might push his oxygen tank (And no ankle articulation).

Harwa, The Vexed Shorty

More pics: Harwa, The Vexed Shorty | Flickr
Bio: Harwa, The Vexed Shorty by MrBoltTron on DeviantArt

And last but not least, Bo’mur’s Mining Team’s newcomer and the shortest, Harwa! A fun one to build, but that Matoran frame built isn’t mine. That Matoran frame build is from -Tremah-'s (Flickr) Matoran frame build, which belongs to him respectfully.
Few things I should have made some small changes, are alternate ankle and wrist joint builds, meaning that Harwa isn’t super poseable.

Other than that, that’s about them. Overall, I have started to build Matoran MOCs (and generally smaller MOCs) recently. Something different I wanted to made, and I wanted to expand my character stories and details into Matoran Universe with their own perspective view. Anyways, comments and criticisms are always welcome, this has been MrBT, and I’ll see ya around next time, adiós everyone!



these are some nice lil dudes you got here, nice work :ok_hand:


Not only are they amazing builds, but they really convey character.


a miner with a flamethrower, this cant end well


My favorite has got to be Pyro Pyrran. I love everything about him. But of course the others are also pretty sweet.


The double-mask on Pyrran is amazing!


Haven’t seen any good Matoran mocs in a while.


I love the different personalities you’ve given to these guys


He seems to have the most amount of detailed jammed into it’s build. I somewhat like the crystal piece sticking out of the mask forehead (mainly for the diverse mask appearance to other moc’s).

Not feeling the marksmen feel too much, but the Launcher design is decent.
Also with Bo’mur, I like the mask add-on to diverse him.

Seems to have the strongest amount of personality in the group.
The flamethrower design is flawless on him.

The least interesting in the group, but still good-
The Sledgehammer is relatively thin and the shield tend to work well.


Love how each one is able to stand out on its own.
Pyrran is my favourite.


Saw these on Flickr; each has a neat and unique body construction. They all look amazing!

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A terrific cast of characters. I enjoy the plethora of little details used to give each a unique feel, from Bo’mur’s crystal (reminds me of Candlehead from MNOG) to the launcher design of Sunoi.


These are brilliant I see no flaws. I think I saw the rock head on insta gram do you have Instagram?

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“Mmmmuhhaaa Hugh Hugh!”

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These builds are amazing for Matoran, and some of them are pretty unique. They’re all good MOCs though.


Because candles are overrated.

This message brought to you by Crystals on Foreheads, for all your face-bedazzling needs


I an still amazed by these, even though I saw them already on Instagram.

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Do you mind if I use sunois build?

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The tan and red ones are very creative with how they use parts. Love em.

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Absolutely fell in love with Bo’mur’s pickaxe the moment I saw it.
Amazing work!