Bone Knight

Bone Knight is Token the savage Knight let me explain Token was taken over by the dark one and his dark magic because of this it melted all his skin of leaving only bones being enraged by this he trowed his ice axe at the dark ones head killing the dark one but for ever cursed to be the monster he is


Both MOCs are pretty good. The only problem I have is the color distribution. The “before” MOC could use some pearl dark grey on the legs, and the “after” MOC could use just a few more white pieces so that axe doesn’t jump out as much.

The backstory is a bit bad, but the actual MOC is great.
The torso is really good, and it gives a menacing stature to the MOC.

I don’t really like the weapon, as i feel like it sticks out too much.

Other than that I think it’s pretty good.

Overall a well built and good looking moc. I don’t really like the color scheme, but that’s just me. The feet sadly look exactly like what they are build-wise; two feet stacked on top of each other with a round pad (which also doesn’t fit into the whole skeleton theme) on the top. The axe also sticks out, but only because of the colors.

this sounds pretty harsh, sorry for that.