Bonkle Master Tahu

I call him Bonkle Tahu After submitting my entries into the Brickonicle contest, I had been inspired to make something less serious and kinda funny, thus I made Bonkle Tahu. He’s meant to be almost a chibi form but also it’s own thing a blend of G1 and G2.

He’s got his flame swords that can turn into a jet pack! And when he’s flying around, he can shoot bad guys with his wrist mounted stud shooter!

A golden version of the Hau.

He even comes with a fusion of a Krana and Skull Spider (a Krana spider?) Anyway, he has a lot of articulation, his had can swivel around, his hips turn, two point of articulation in each limb, and 3 fingers on each hand~ Just made him for fun. I enjoy any feedback as well.
EDIT 2/16/2017

tweaked the design of the mask
And the design for the head. Has more range of motion and a pose-able jaw.


Dang it! The head crabs are back!

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Aww, it’s so cute! The Skull Krana is also amazing.

Lamar, get down from there.

all seriousness the moc looks good. PERSONALLY I would try to make the mask a little more Hau like (it kind looks off at the moment) but thus is the limiatations of bricks. with that said, If I had made this, I would have either made the head bigger, so as for a more “funko pop” aesthetic, or used the actual hau and 01 head, for contrast with the rest of the moc

but thats all just nitpicking. hes good, I am going to shut up now.

@Zero It’s hard to get rid of crabs once you got them… wait…

@BBricks Thank you~

@QuartzRoolz I’ll probably work some more on the mask, but I don’t wanna use too many parts and make it look bulky. I mostly based the build on these here: And added more articulation. I do need to work more on the head though.

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