Bonkles and Snow

It's finally snowing in my area, so the Toa of Ice reunite from the past and future to build a snowman!

Feel free to post pics of your own Bonkles in the snow too (if it's snowing in your area that is).


So its snowing where you live
Which is?

Toronto area

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So it shall never snow in Britan

It doesn't snow in the Northeast US until like, February now! :smile:

I'll have to get Kopaka and Ari together and get a pic of them!


Nice picture.

I hope people don't limit this to just Ice Toa, the other elements (well at least some of them) can have fun during the season. Who can forget the snowball massacre fight of the Month of Ice?

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This is great. :smile:

Just got Kopaka 2015 for Christmas this year, so I may end up taking him outside and getting some pictures to post on here.


This sucks, I wish it would snow here (France) so that I could take pictures. Sadly, it won't for probably another month, and by then, people would have forgotten this topic. (BTW, I doubt it will ever snow here, it's like, warm enough to go to the beach, even with wind coming from the west (from the Atlantic))

I would totally do this if the snow in my area would last more than a couple of hours :expressionless:


It's a toa reunion! Now it's time for toas of water to freeze and toas of fire to melt everything.

Not going outside in this storm, but:


Kopaka: Hey, I let you go to Honolulu!
Tahu: Yeah, but that doesn't mean you get to put snow on everything. Also, Gali can't do anything. Nilkuu: Hey, you two calm down. Now, come over and get some hot co-co with the rest of us and wait to get your 2016 form to kick in.


'tis the season