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We all have written a story,either in school, home, or on a whim. Here is the place that you have had an idea for a fanfiction, short story, novel, comic, or a tale. My friends and I are writing our own. Havengard: Terra; the Infinity War. Discuss with each other, share ideas, or post a rough draft.

I’m currently writing a book where the premise is that minds can be moved between people’s bodies, and there are beings who can control this, but most people don’t know about it.

I’m also working on a story where the events are shown in reverse chronological order. The premise is that the main character has sudden amnesia, and has to backtrack what happened to him over the past days.


I’m currently working on a weird Sci-fi/Fantasy trilogy called Blackout. The whole idea is that there’s these seven realms and they’re all becoming destabilized because the humans on gaia are trying to find a way to travel between worlds artificially. There’s a whole lot of stuff I made up for it, a lot of lore that would take forever to explain, but the gist is that these guys need to travel through the realms and find a way to stop them from collapsing into each other.

Lots of pseudo-science, lots of magicks, lots of crap. I’ll probably never finish it, but I’ll always look back on it as a good example of world-building.


Two stories I wrote out a lot in my mind, but not on paper:

The Legend of Erkelon. Took a bunch of different forms. In the final form, it consists of nations of mechanical beings, powered by a crystaline substance known as Phazar. Despite the mechanical nature, it plays out a lot like a fantasy story, in which the protagonist, crown prince Exilicus, is exiled from his home city when it is discovered he is an illegitimate child (yes, these are robots that can reproduce), travels around the the world of Erkelon, is killed by his real father, and revived by the godlike Chael in a super form to battle a huge robot. The setting and some of the concepts of this story are making it into my current BIONICLE G2 story.

Also, Altus. I developed this story, oddly enough, as the concept of a tabletop role-playing game played by a bunch of kids using BIONICLE sets and parts. Very much my concept of an epic storyline that could be done in simple, nonconvulted terms. Involves six clans of “elementals”: the four of fire, water, earth, and air, each with their own design for their nation, the stone clan, introduced midway through the story, and shadow, an enemy of the original clans that allies with them to fight against the forces of aether. Plot is driven by a race of “high beings”, who fought a great civil war with multiple factions, until five of them won and created the world (an event known as The Altus, translated The Awakening and a major concept. Contains only one truly developed character, Makhara, one of those five victorious high beings and personification of shadow, originally a villain and now an ally of the elementals.


Untitled story, MC is a pretty low level mage/wizard/whatever, doesn’t get much better
It’s set in a world that is still depending on the physics coursework that I should be writing right now. Bye.

Well…this is a start. < /shameless self promotion>

I also want to write a story bout Bionicle post-2010, about a conflict between the primarily organic beings from Bara Magna and the primarily artificial MU beings. I’d draw on Blade Runner a lot for inspiration.

Then there’s this crazy science-fantasy world I created when I was ten…but that’s top-secret.

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Mine are all confidential.

I always used to write short stories in middle school. Nowadays I focus on BIONICLE fandom and my comics.

Anyways, I can tell you a few:

-The Knight
A knight goes out to rescue the king’s daughter from an evil dragon. He tries the climb the hill it is on, but he keeps falling down. Eventually, he gets captured by the dragon, and stabs the dragon in the belly while over the sea. He drops in the sea and returns to shore in a rusty outfit. He gets no reward for his job.

-Crocodile Creek
A crocodile eats everyone that comes near his creek, including joggers, policemen, and eventually the mayor.


Halo: CONTACT JAMMER is underway, and is 4728’s story of stuff and the UNSC. Includes his beginning as a Spartan three and so on.

A civil war novel without a name as of right now. This will be a fully fledged novel that is published and bought, btw.

Just an idea I had, never wrote it out into anything, but… basically, a sci-fi idea in which teleportation technology is introduced, so gradually most people hardly if ever go into the outside world. It gets to where the outside world is so trashed (due to climate change, etc) that essentially everyone is always inside and they experience nature through simulations. Plus the totalitarian state enforces this and has rules where it’s illegal to go outside and most people believe it’s for their own safety, that they’ll die if they go out. But some people try it one day…
Sort of a take on the general dystopian trope, you know, the classic 1984-style brainwashy government and the protagonists who are against the institutionalized norm


I wrote a short story about a King and Wizard who had to find this magic sword in order to defeat a dragon.

Although nowadays I work on writing my Bionicle epic.

Same here. I have a massive story, which I am currently in the (very slow) process of writing. My guess is it will take at least nine books to finish, with each three books making up a “season” of the story.

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im working on a series, but im not gonna tell you what its about right now…

If you’re going to share your ideas, do that. If you’re not, go somewhere else.


finnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne. its about a bunch of spies in the french an indian war


I was trying to write a Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars crossover(with Gregor coming back of course) and it SUCKED.

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I have way too many projects going on at any given time. Too many fanfics to count, and a fair few original fics.

The Rift: Either a book or (if I can get away with it) an animated TV Show, about four seperate groups of people in a steampunk fantasy world all dealing with their own problems (varying from interpersonal trust issues to catching an infamous thief to overthrowing a cruel dictator) who gradually come together to solve one big overarching mystery.

Remnants: Originally a Slizers fanfic that developed to the point where I’d classify it as more-or-less original, will be a book if I can come up with an ending that actually works.

Hourglass: Another one I hope to make into a show, about a spaceship exploring the Solar System after a cosmic energy storm has knocked out communications between the various human colonies.

The Forbidden Lands: A vaguely Halo-esque story about a modern-day Knight traveling with a bunch of Cyborgs to hunt down their insane creator.

Haunted: A series of Dramedy/Horror animations based off of an album of the same name.


So, there’s this idea I’ve had for a while. It’s more or less just character mythos at this point, meaning: I have characters and backstories, but no story that I can fit into a condensed plot. Think Silmarillion. Lots of backstory and explanation, but not a book.

Anyway, it focuses around this character, Melfious. It’s an ancient being, about 150 billion years old. (So three times as old as the universe) It’s got this wonderful fascination with chaos. It doesn’t breed chaos, like most “Evil” things but it learns from it, studies it.

Some new beings spawn into existence and these guys are very creative types. They like building things, but they constantly break down their creations, trying to make better things. Melfious enjoyed them for a while, but quickly got tired of them. Until, they started making plans for this thing they called a “Universe.” They began setting up all kinds of rules that would govern this universe.

Melfious couldn’t resist… breaking these rules. Just to see what would happen of course, so, he created anti-matter at the exact moment the universe began. It was a wonderful sight to behold indeed.

Further into the universe’s life, it created black holes to further contradict this universe’s rules. One time, it even took a binary star system, and accelerated both stars to C^2 and smashed them together.

To quote Cave Johnson, “Science isn’t about why, it’s about why not?!”

Actually, I don’t have time to write out his entire mythos in this one topic… So, I’ll create an entirely separate one just for Melfious. =P

Gist is, Melfious kinda gets put into the mind of this guy named Paxden, and the story is all about Melfious trying to get out and get revenge on this other being named Galden.

yeah. Billions of years of backstory…


I have written a rather clunky fan fiction crossover of multiple franchises including Bionicle and Kingdom Hearts. Here’s a topic I just made for some help in coming up with ideas for some mini-dungeons I want to make.