Books vs. Movies vs. Videogames

I inexplicably became curious in having a discussion about this, so yeah.
Do you like reading, playing video games, or watching moves/T.V? Which one is your favorite and why? What are the pros and cons of them?
Personally, I prefer to read or play video games. I like T.V, but I rarely have time to watch it, and I generally get tired of watching movies after about 30 minutes, unless it’s really, really good.


Books because of accuracy and movies because of lazyness.

The only games I liked was Mnog and Bionicle Heroes out of all the ones that classified as games. (And Bionicle heroes barely had the 07 story)

I seem to like all three the same amount.

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all of the above

Its a mix between books and video games for me. Cant watch movies unless at the theater (i hate watching them at home)

I like all of them because books turned into movies suck most of the time but movie novelizations are trash and video games don’t have any cons except they waste time.

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I dislike movies based on other things because usually it is forced to drift from source material in stupid ways.

Standalone movies can often be pretty good.

Books are the classic way to tell a story and I still love them.

Video games are a mixed bag. Y’see there are games like COD that obviously don’t focus on story but then you have games like the fallout franchise that take story to the next level.

As a video game creator I know I’m naturally biased but I feel that a video game has a chance to do anything that a movie does except better because it engages the player.

There are even games with mini books inside them such as TES. This to me is a perfect mix of both of those forms of presentation.

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I love all of them and I am frustrated that I can not find time for any of them.

I love books and giving the characters my own voice and my own character bringin a story to life with nothing than my voice and mind.

I love to play video games because I can actually interact with other characters and the world.

I love to watch movies because I can just sit back and dive into a world without having to put energy into bringing it to life.

All three give a very different point of view to those interacting with the medium, so I find people’s answers very interesting.
Books are mildly passive, mildly assertive. You aren’t choosing what happens, but you can choose little details and the like.
Movies are wholly passive. You can’t choose what happens in a film, everything is shown and told like it is (most of the time.)
Video games are wholly assertive. It is up to the player to choose how they want to play, in some cases even what they look like and act like.
Each entertainment medium brings something interesting and different, and I think that it can really give you a look into the attitude and personality of a person.
BTW, I like music.


They’re all about the same in my book.


I normally don’t watch movies multiple times except for dune, so I prefer my books

all three of them

Hmmm, a tough question for sure.

I love making movies above all else. Working so hard on a stop motion for the animation to turn out perfect and that feeling of satisfaction when a certain song mixes perfectly with a scene. I don’t really enjoy writing and Mata Nui forbid I try and make a game XD.

But most people don’t make this stuff so as far as sitting back and enjoying someone else’s creation, eh, depends. I hate watching a bad movie, no one wants to force themselves to read a trash book, and bad video games can be really annoying to play. So I guess I have a favoritism towards film as I love the medium but I think what matters most is if the product I am enjoying from whichever medium is good.

Good man.

I love to read, and game. I do not wacht a lot of tv or see movies. I read a ton of
Books and have a small
Library at home, a large bookshelf and a smaller one.

Books because ASOIAF has the most complex and intriguing story and characters ik about

Books are nice when I have the time to sit down and read them, which I usually do nowadays. They have longer stories that can carry on for years at a time, pending if it’s finished or not. And, to me, that’s always fun.

Movies I like visually a lot of the time. And they can tell their own interesting stories, or showcase interesting animation or artistic styles and approaches. I’m a big fan of horror, which always felt better in a movie form than a book form to me, and the music, atmospheres, usage of light and camera angles to capture atmosphere is something a lot of books can’t do just speaking on a visual level. Not to say books can’t have solid descriptions, but there’s a difference for me when it comes to seeing something and reading it. (Sidenote: favorite book genre is usually Dark Fantasy/Steampunk)

Video Games are kind of their own thing? They can tell long, intriguing, interesting stories with solid characterization and character growth (and much like the other two mediums) they can fall absolutely flat. While a game can have a solid story, atmosphere, characters, they also rely heavily on gameplay and how going through the game actually feels (ie: Immersive experience is one thing). There are games with really clunky systems to actually play the game itself, or games where they have wonderful gameplay but fall flat super hard on the story. A lot of companies in general produce their stories via the developers, versus a dedicated story writing team. (Every COD Campaign feels like hot garbage, though the basic FPS gameplay is usually pretty solid if that’s a genre of game people enjoy. The people can be a completely different story, however).

All three have their merits, demerits, things they do the others can’t do. I don’t feel like any of them are intrinsically better than the other, since they’re all different and unique manifestations of storytelling and art itself. They offer different experiences, really.

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