Booster Gold Things Dump

This is a stop motion I made back in 2012 showing how to make my self MOC at that time. You know, before I made Veltraxx

This is a stop motion I also made in 2012, I was bored and decided to make a stop motion. Featuring some of @Kretta's MOC's Tahu, Nuparu, Toa Ignika

I made this in 2012 as well. I wanted to make a video about living Bonkles.
(Don't mind the credits at the end, I put music with it, but it didn't go with the video, so I muted it, but couldn't edit the video)

I wanted to make a dance battle, so yeah. Also in 2012

I wanted to make a fight, also 2012

And here are edited pictures:
Booster Gold:

The Question:

And I guess I'll leave ya with this:


A fellow Question appreciator.
I have found my true home.

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I'd buy that booster gold figure

and whatever set the question came with

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That Obama Gold though stuck_out_tongue




Hello again

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Good luck.