Booster Gold

I know nothing about Booster God except for what @Booster_Gold has said, but I felt like making a MOC, so...

Visor up

The Nyran.

Action pose:

Action pose and pic-that-is-darker-for-no-reason

So, that's all the pics. Now a little bit about this MOC:

Q: Is this the character or the User?
A: That's up to you.

Q: why is that Ice blade piece darker?
A: Lego changed their keetorange color in 05.

Q: how are those feet built?
A: The feet are extremely bootleg. You do not want to recreate them. Trust me.

Q: Why are you such a good Moccist?
A: I dunno.

Q: why the Huna?
A: I plan to order a blue Hau later, as the Hau looks way better, but I currently only have a red and a green Hau.

Q: why are you such a terrible Moccist

C&C appreciated, and Cya!

get it? C&C, Cya?
I'll shut up now.


The torso seems a little blocky but other then that it's a pretty descent moc.

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@Booster_Gold has ascended mortality


He has ascended beyond Super Booster Gold to Super Booster God.
Please forgive me for making that joke.
Overall it's pretty groovy, but I have to agree those feet are pretty bootleg.

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Noice! Gotta say, this looks pretty accurate for a MOC.
8/10. It's pretty blocky, as Vicroen stated.


Looks like being the OG OP Protector got to his head.

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'Tis Tubular...