Bordakh MOV

This is definitely one of my favorite MOCs I’ve made, purely because of the transformation. Thoughts are appreciated!

@Krelikan what do you think?


Nice, it looks like a sleeker 2.0 version of a Vahki.


Beauty in its purest form. The overall shaping is really nice, and the armor is simple, but good. Biggest complaint is how the blades on the back legs look when in quadruped mode, but I’m not what could be done with that. Other small things would be that the waist area might look strange from the back since there’s a small gap, and I would at least think about some small shoulder armor.

You get my approval to house this MOC though.


Looks like an over-all improvement over the original Bordakh, though the waist might need a little more armor.

the waist is actually really difficult to armor with the transformation

Great vahki revamp

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Love the proportions on this.

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Looks like the set but better nice job