"Boring" G2 Good Guy (Now with instructions!)

After a certain video I felt the need to make this a thing:

I know there are one or two other G2 Good Guys, but I tried to make his torso shape closer to the original and in general I wanted him to look a bit generic and boring.

Here are more pictures:

Here are some pictures that show how to build him(as requested by @ToaWaster704 ), if you really want to:


This is the opposite of generic and boring.

This is amazing and beautiful.


Hail Denmark! /s

I like it. Does a good job of looking like the original while still being something new. I guess my one complaint is how it looks from the side; the legs being so far behind everything else on the torso looks really weird. Oh, I also just realized that he shouldn’t have a brain-stalk, seeing how the original didn’t.


I actually really like the design of this guy, it’s pretty creative. Although his color scheme is quite boring, on par with Solek’s.


Good guy 2008 was the one without a brain-stalk:

I´m imitating the original:


He’s got some nice building techniques!

Though that’s also a con because he’s a Good Guy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like him. Good job.

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I could use some transparent limbs, but that would be against the idea of Good Guy

He looks like a Tohunga.

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He is in desperate need of a chiropractor…his posture doesn’t look comfortable at all :stuck_out_tongue:


This MOC is awesome. The build is actually pretty creative. Freakin adorable and awesome dude.

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NOO!!! Your moc looks too complete to be Good Guy
I really like the technic build of the torso

-Hail Denmark!

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[Insert Reviving Bionicle quote here]

This definitely says “Good Guy” to me. Great job!

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Boring! I doubt think were looking at the same thing here hail Denmark. Question how many times did you put him in the oven???

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Hau can you do this he’s not even a god yet

I guess he still has to achieve perfection in G2. Nicely done!

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The squatter look of the torso captures the look of the original well. The design of it is pretty nifty as well, making great use of a few base elements.

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He looks great. I would buy him if lego made him official. Also… Hail Denmark.


You forgot the Turahk staff.

If this had been an actual polybag during G2, I might have bought it


Hail Denmark!

I love it
I want to buy one
Hail Denmark

Not nearly stupid and gappy enough 0/10