Botar and Kardas Dragon

If you have all 3 sets (Vezon & Fenrakk, Brutaka, and Axonn), can one build both Botar and the Kardas Dragon? Or do they share allot of pieces?

You wouldn't be able to make them both with one of each set, Kardas is superior with his piece amount.


Both take up a very large chunk of pieces from all 3 sets, so if you want both then you're going to have to buy double of each set.

Actually you're right.

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Wouldn't you need two of Axonn and Brutaka? I don't think Botar is made from Vezon and Fenrakk.

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Unless you have a ton of spare parts lying around (most of which are probably not gonna be in the right colour), i'd say can't

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You most certainly cannot. There are hardly any parts leftover from Kardas.