Bottle cannon mk1.5

A few weeks ago i saw a video of a bottle launcher made of PVC and since it is summer, I drink to much soda and behind my grandma’s house ther is a decently sized field I decided to build one.

It is composed of 3D printed pieces, PVC pipes and stuff from the hardware store.
It can take bottles from 1.35 l to 2 l and can shoot a 2 l bottle around 20 meters up in the air.
The angle is also fully adjustable thanks to the 3D printed parts.
To shoot you just need a bike pump and a few bottles.
The launch mechanism is also adjustable to accomodate different sizes of bottles.

In a few weeks I’m going to build a smaller, handheld version to shoot 0.5 l bottles using one of those smaller pumps (basically an rpg but with bottles).

I am also going to find a way to stabilize the bottles to avoid an unpredictable trajectory.


Well, this is pretty far from LEGO, but pretty interesting also. Can you upload photos of the mechanisms? Hand sized variant is cool idea. To stabilize bottle’s trajectory I recommend to add some weight on front end (perhaps plasticine).

It’s surprisingly simple:
Basically there are 7 zip-ties that lock the bottle’s neck into position

Then you slide a larger tube over the zip-ties to block them

Once you pump air into the bottle and slide the tube down the zip-ties will give and the bottle will fly .

To adjust the angle you unscrew this bolt on the sides and then you tighten it once you choose the right angle.

I was thinking about adding fins on the sides because if I add too much weight to the bottle the launch would lose power



A weapon to surpass Metal Gear.

Condidering that I’m nither a designer nor an engineer and the fact that sometimes the bottles blow up or launch on their own I don’t think so (for now at least)

I need to build one for myself.