Botu and Suram, Toa of Botany and Plasma

These two were a couple of my first real ‘characters.’ Well, the ones that I go back and rebuild every now and again. Botu (green) is currently on his fifth incarnation, and Suram (red) is on his third.


Botu has seen a number of changes over time…

Unfortunately I can’t show his second version, which featured a wing pack with some green tubes that looked like a harness if memory serves. He’s always had a staff weapon.

There was a fourth version, but it I disliked it enough that I never even photographed it. It had legs that were long and skinny, and negligible decoration.

Here, however, is my favorite version of the character. I really liked the way his proportions turned out. Simple, but pleasant.

Suram has remained pretty consistent from V1.
BioMoc_76 (Suram)
Somewhere along the way his left thigh-joint snapped, so I divided his staff and gave him a robotic leg, both of which have become his defining characteristics aside from coloring.

The third version is my favorite thus far. Although I do somewhat regret using some of my red CCBS balls as upper arm armor.

So those are Suram and Botu, members of the same toa team and best friends. What do you think of the designs? I think Botu is probably my favorite of the two, but I also enjoy Suram’s unique feature and that it came around by accident, it adds personality.