Brain Attack Villain Revamps (HF MoCs)

I made some MoCs a while back, and procrastinated publishing them. Brain Attack was my personal favourite wave of Hero Factory, but I thought I could do at least a little better. Massive wall of images incoming!

Bulked him up a bit, made him a bit more of a Minotaur. The back was my favourite part to build :smiley:
Storm Beast-

Filled him out a bit, added some colour to his bones. Once Again, I really like the back :smile:

I gave him another sword after I took these pics, which really helps. Kept the original arms for the most part, and gave him a custom shoulder/arm attachment.

Went for a heavily asymmetrical design with this guy, to make him look a lot more jagged and rock-like. Accentuated his right arm and got rid of the nasty function. Also added some actual orange and red to his colours, to give him a volcanic look. The fingers are a bit weird, but they're okay.

Put him on four legs, made him more buglike, and gave him some more gold. Not sure how I feel about this guy, but oh well.
Ogrum- has layers

Gave her yes I headcanoned Ogrum as female, because yeah a reverse Pyrox treatment, with one bulky hand and one normal hand. Once again went the asymmetry route to give her a more organic look, and gave her more lime green. The mace/club/whatever attaches a bit weirdly, but it works, and is much more poseable than before. The shoulders were tricky, but I think they came out well. I removed the ribcage after I took these pics, and replaced it with a three long/four long CCBS shell, which looked a bit nicer.
Group shot-

Didn't make a Dragon Bolt upgrade/revamp because I think he's fine the way he was as a set. I also made revamps for the Heroes, which I might post eventually, by which I mean when HF gets a reboot, but that's all for now. Thanks!


*Frost beast

Anyways, these look pretty rad; definitely look much more intimidating and pose a bigger threat to the Heroes than the lankier official sets


I never really liked Brain Attack so these are a definite improvement. I'd totally buy some of the sets if they looked like this.


they do look improved abit

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They seem a bit simple

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They do look better than their original releases, so well done :smile:

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I think that Frost Beast could stand some more trans blue, and that the way Bruizer's arm attaches looks a bit awkward, but over all, they look great! Also, if your waiting for a hero factory reboot, you could be waiting a while.

compared to the actual sets these are titans :laughing:

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Nice, the red on Bruizer is a little out of place though