Brave Wilderness (YouTube Show)

Brave Wilderness is a YouTube Channel that stars Coyote Peterson as he goes around America (and occasionally out of the country) looking for rare and exciting animals.

Think of it as The Crocodile Hunter, but the episodes are 5-10 minutes long, and hosted by some guy from Ohio instead of Steve Irwin. Here’s a link to his channel: Give him a look and discuss away! I’m sure there must be a few people here who’d like his stuff.

My favorite videos are when he finds a type of lizard or when he showcases snapping turtles. Probably because I’ve only ever caught a small snapping turtle here in the States, and I caught a small lizard during my trip to the Caribbean.

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This is one of few active wildlife channel that are trending on Youtube.
I do find some of the recent video to be “clickbaity” but still joyful to watch when Coyote isn’t in pain.