Briarwood Faerie

A small sprite that fiercely protects its wooded glen.

Something a little different from my usual stuff : )


I love this lil dude.
Really cool head design.

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So many details in such a small build, it’s amazing!

I luv it!

Every part usage in that head it fantastic.

Never even occured to me before seeing this, but it makes me want the next constraction theme (lol I can hope) to be like Elves. Some clever head molds/builds and you could totally do a series of constraction Faeries. Different elemental themes would mean probably getting some purple and pink constraction pieces finally without having them sprinkled obligatorily through every set like Elves was, either.
And then we’d get more pieces for things like cloth or even hair. Plus, look at the only good Uniters builds and it quickly becomes apparent that CCBS wants crazy translucent wings everywhere.

I’m totally sold on it now. Constraction Faeries! Or fairies, or however you want to spell it.
Do it, Lego.

never going to happen

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It’s adorable! It’s got a little splinter for a weapon, I love it.