Brick-built Bionicle character Concept

here is a lil’ concept for a brickonicle building system, using mixel joints.

I have plenty more characters done, so be sure to leave a comment if you wanna see them.

And here’s all the Toa Mata!

Muaka and Kane-ra!




I think TTV’s Brickonicle is using minifigures, but nevertheless this is really cool! I can see how it could be changed easily to create the other Toa Mata.

It is interesting. It would need a better head though.

That’s a nice idea…
would be a shame if somebody…
stole it

I’m imagining either printed masks or completely new pieces

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where have I seen this before…

The concept is rather “blocky” at the moment.

If you have any suggestions on improvement please do contribute them

And no, I had not seen those brickonicle concepts before the creation of my own characters.

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Honestly? 10/10, not even exaggerating. Maybe some small details could be changed, but I really like these designs.