Brick Built Tahu (From the Lego 90 years of Play set)

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock: 90 Years of Play 11021 | Classic | Buy online at the Official LEGO® Shop US Lego decided to put a little brick-built Tahu in this set as a tribute to Bionicle.

  • I love him
  • I like him
  • I don’t like him
  • I hate him
  • At least Lego gave us something, but there is no way I’m paying $50 for this thing
  • He’s cool Mocing inspiration
  • adorable

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  • I think this could be a cool direction for Bionicle to go in the future
  • I don’t like the idea, pass

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Mostly I’ve seen a lot of emphasis on what the fans are doing with this thing, but I’d like to consider this thing on its own merit, especially since it’s part of a larger and more expensive set.


Seriously. Where’s the enthusiasm in that tiny thing. There’s like nothing to be creative with. I prefer something that allows one to be creative. That thing, isn’t even qualified to be a bionicke. I’ve seen bionicles made by 5 year olds that had at had more creativity that that thing


The first time I saw this, I really didn’t like it. At the time, I was misinformed to believe it was a singular Bionicle tribute set. After learning it was a part of a more encompassing tribute set, with a particular design theme, I appreciated it more.

Still, I would personally not enjoy this style if it were ever introduced as a new form of Bionicle sets. I’d never boycott the thing, because there’s nothing inherently wrong here, and I’m glad there’s something new made available to longtime fans, but I’m very much committed to the style of the G1 subtheme, and really don’t want anything as deviant as this in my collection.

But I gotta admit, some of the fan-made line-ups based on this are really creative and I enjoyed seeing what others came up with.


He’s not intended to be a super creative design, or an official g3 or something; he’s just a cute little guy, and I assume it’s a one-off


I didn’t like Brick Tahu at first, but then I realized that if they did Pohatu in this style, we would potentially be getting tan noodle arms, so yes, absolutely, LEGO should make these into a whole series.


Protect him at all costs


Classic Tahu is LEGO’s best bit in a while.

While it’s awesome to see the community so inspired by such a crappy build, I don’t want the joke to be ruined by more official skrunkly material.

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I am still torn on whether this one guy is worth the money. Out of the 15 themes represented in this box I grew up with four, and Tahu is the only set I actually own from the ones picked. I don’t need more bricks for MOCing, i actually have quite a lot at home.
But despite early impressions I like the little fellow and I would be willing to spend some money for sets where Bionicle in that style are the main attraction, though it wouldn’t replace the actual Bionicle experience for me.

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I didn’t like it at first (but didn’t hate it). He is just ugly. But the community reaction, all the memes and more characters made in the same style really made me appreciate him and give me a good laugh.
So more than the set, I love what the community made of him.


I think he’s pretty good for the scale. And it’s recognizable, so I’ll give it that.

I think the influx of MOCs people have made in that style beg to differ.

He is effectively an alt build, not a full build. If this was released as a set in its own right, it’d be a lot more questionable - but I imagine the conversation went as thus:

“Dude, what if we built a tiny BIONICLE in this set.”
“Dude, let’s do it, give the people what they want.”


For the first question, there are two perspectives to consider.

What what it is, this Tahu model is perfect: Lego made a tribute set to their most popular, successful themes, and Bionicle was included. There’s not much more we can ask for in that context.

On its own, or if you want this model to be a “successor” to Bionicle, it definitely loses some of its appeal. I still think it’s neat, and I can’t shake the idea that this is just meant to be a representation of Bionicle (rather than a “real Bionicle”), but I can understand why others might be underwhelmed.

As for the second question, my full answer is kind of in the middle. While these types of models don’t have enough complexity or standalone quality to be a full-fledged line, I think they’re small and simple enough to be a smaller, Collectible Minifigures-type series. If Lego were to ever try to make a Bionicle series in this style, I feel like they would have to focus their marketing and design towards the collectibility of the figures, rather than the figures themselves.


It’s funny and I like it but in no way do I want that to be the future of BIONICLE lol.


when i first heard it was a thing i was pretty bumed but when i saw what the community did with the build (stuff like @Sokoda’s builds) i took a bit more of a liking to it


I honestly have a hard time taking this guy seriously as an “OP Toa of fire, leader of the Toa Mata, the one who went toe-to-toe with Teridax himself.” But I am kinda curious as to what the rest of the Bionicle characters would look like in this style. I know @Pakari has already updated his profile picture with an Onua figure in this style, but imagine what the other Toa-Metru, Mahri, Phantoka/Mistika-would look like. Or Teridax. Or the Piraka. Or the Glatorian.


Let me introduce you to the horde:




Teridax (he’s at the very end of this one):



There are other versions out there too, including ones by Sokoda, but these are the ones I happen to know and are the easiest to link. 5 points to the Russian Bionicle fan who did these mocs and videos.


Many of these had me laughing out loud at the sight, especially the Barraki and the Bohrok-Kal.


it’s cute

it’s meant to be cute (and nothing else)

done and done