Brick Built Takanuva

When the concept art was discovered for LEGO Movie 2 depicting Takanuva hanging out with Rex Dangervest, I had to build it.

I took a lot of inspiration from Sodoka’s lego ideas submission.

I used keetorange parts for what would otherwise be “gold” and every one of these parts exist. I’m hoping to build this soon enough once my bricklink order arrives. As for the decals, I’ve already been making stickers for them to use on the moc. This has been a pretty fun project to do and I hope to display this Takanuva on my shelf with all my LEGO Movie figures.

I encourage you to try making system bionicle mocs as well.


The prints are a little too ‘nice’ and exceptionally crisp for Lego prints, as well as lacking the traditional Lego print artstyle, but from what I’ve seen from professional custom prints and stickers, that’s not an easy style to replicate. The build itself is really good, I think it would have worked better with a whole new set of micro pieces like what’s implied in the concept but this still works really well on capturing the look of the old Bionicle pieces. I especially adore the torso and am still trying to wrap my brain around how it’s assembled.

Excellent work!


It looks pretty good! I like especially the torso.

Wouldn’t you believe it but all the parts arrived today

They’re on patrol for lady active wear models


How-To when?

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When I have the time to make a fun video tutorial


I know this is such an old post, but holy crap this is so freaking cool!