Brickfair Virginia 2020

Alright, so last year was a blast, but it’s time to keep moving forward. Spring is soon to be upon us and Summer won’t be close behind.

For the uninitiated: Brickfair Virginia is an annual LEGO Convention which takes place in Chantilly, Virginia in late July - early August. The event will be taking place from Wednesday, July 29th to Sunday, August 2nd. The link to their website is here. While the event is five days long, Saturday and Sunday are the only public days, with the preceding three being exclusive to exhibitors.

We here at TTV and various members of the online community have attended this event in the past, and we intend to do the same this year as well, though in a much smaller capacity. As such, I’ll have a couple lists here to tally who is going. To be added, just post here when you’re locked in and will be attending!

Everything is subject to change as the year continues.

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Last year was an unbelievable adventure and I’m curious to see how this year goes. Hope to see you there!


It’s a possibility that I’ll be going this year. Nothing concrete, but hoping.

I am currently planning on making it down again. This may change at some point, but I’ll try my best to make it! I really had a great time last year.

I make it a point to go to BFVA every year but the odds of it happening this time seem extremely slim…

Fingers crossed!


I bought a cheap, refundable at anytime ticket to go. So it does happen, great. If it doesn’t happen, great. A bit of a win-win for me. Hopefully either the virus situation improves or Brickfair has enough foresight to cancel the event ahead of time.


If Brickfair does happen and Var attends, we need a live performance of some of the parody songs from over the years. :stuck_out_tongue: Ven, you could perform “Hero” too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I went ahead and canceled my flight after it was announced that Dulles Expo Center will be functioning as an alternative care site for Covid-19 starting in May. I don’t have much faith that it will be back to being a regular convention hall by late July.

This is the only official word we have so far, and, yeah it’s pretty bleak.

You’re all welcome to hangout with me at my house, the beaches just reopened :unamused:

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Aw heck yeah I’m bringing my Galidor


i can’t remember since i haven’t gone to a brickfair yet, i’m assuming it got canceled?

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After they got word that I might be coming, they quickly shut down.
Under threat that I might still come this year, it’s uncertain whether or not it will occur.


maybe the threat of both of us will be too much

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So, Brickfair was announced for this year.

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quite a while ago.
i’ve been planning to go for a solid few months.