BrickFeed Episode 16 Discussion

Oh hey, I tried to make this yesterday but the 403 errors kept ruining my day.

BrickFeed Episode 16 is now up on Vessel for free! Go check it out and let us know you think! :smiley:



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Great episode, even if you did talk about tanker truck take-down for the fifth time, lol.
On the topic of LEGO Dimensions, it originally started at $100 for PS4/XOne, before all retailers discounted it down to $90 all over the place. I finally picked it up a few weeks ago at Best Buy which had it discounted to $60, and I must say, it’s REALLY fun. The combination worlds are really fun and opens it up for great jokes. I’m glad I waited for the price drop, but it’s a great game. If anyone has been on the fence about it, I would recommend waiting for the price going down before picking it up, but I bet you won’t regret it.

Dude, that podcast was good.

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Well, the episode was fine. The best part was the “conversation piece” discussion and when Eljay said to put the Cinderella castle near a fire place with Ven following it up with “three hundred and fifty dollars literary burns in front of you” part.

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