Brickfeed episode 43 talk

okay, i was going to make this a post on the video, but i know im going to go on abit and i hope i am not doing something wrong here, its saying to me “why not create a topic?” so i hope im not doing anything wrong and if i am sorry everyone on the board sorry, sorry, sorry( social anxiety is picking up on doing this )

anyway on with what i want to say, is that there are some pretty good lego games ( star wars, lego city undercover, and some more ) that follow the lego tt games way, also they have updated the graphics, lego dimensions was the last game to have the old style ( not sure why they didn’t wait and do the update first but eh its TT games ) because star wars force awakens have an updated look, still same style but updated graphics, looks more like the lego worlds game

the fun packs do contain alot of DLC , not as much as the story packs or level packs, the fun packs if it is a new band you will get a new world to play in with plenty to do along with a if you have friends a battle arena, i think lego has done what they did with bioincle and hoped that the people who want minifigures will carry it, the packs are even more money over here in Britain as well so its even worse here, now we not had it go down to a $1 but we had it most of the time go down to £10 for a fun pack ( most of the time its £15 ) the level and two pack ( which the 2 packs are a bad price point ) are £30 and the story packs are £40 here, it is really expensive, and the game is a very good lego game dont get me wrong but it is costly, yes there is quite alot of DLC but i completely agree with the pricing issues,

also to do with the stuff going on with it, this time last year it was dead, advertising fills like there is more and the packs still to come are alot more, including a bit more of a fix to the kids cartoons, power puff girls and teen titans are coming soon so that will hopefully get more kids wanting to do it. i wish the game was cheaper by a little bit and it most likely would be alot more bought, the other types of toys to life games are seemingly more expensive, plus you have to bye a new starter pack every year which lego dimensions dosent do so it is cheaper in that sense.

i also with the lego ideas wish a second one was put up, i like the seince minifigures but it fills kinda of a weak choice out of all the other possible ones.and a small comment on lego worlds the level editor is possible, lego universe (rip) had this in a very well done easy to use stap together way that fills very legoy, and could be easy to put into lego worlds, heres a link to a image of it*&imgrc=tesyd61Idd9eCM:

good work to everyone from ttv on this episode, it was one of the best and ones,again if im not allowed to do this and for wasting your time removing this and for possibly reading it.