Brickheadz Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist


Looks nice, I like the bannana

it looks cool, but who is it

uh… if you say so

Edward Elric from fullmetal alchemist. It’s one of the most well known anime series.

Phenomenally done, I love the decision to use a banana for emulating the pony tail and the look of his automail limbs.


I like it, the ponytail is cool, but where is the Alex Louis Armstrong brickhead passed down for generations?

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I would say SAO is the most well know, it is a really good anime with two different versions. You should wacht it.

I’ve actually have indeed seen sao

Nostalgia pumping in…

Sorry not sorry.

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It is a good anime.


Could use some adjustments, like the hand pieces should be facing downwards like all other brick heads, and the ■■■■■ just confuses me, he also has a red foot instead of just black.
and he’s missing his legendary hair spike.

The bottom of his boot in the show is also red. Which is why I did it like such. And also not all Brickheadz hands are facing downwards either tough the reason they aren’t is one lack of the proper parts and two I wanted to get the little arm blade right.

Banana hair.

I need this.




This is amazing. Please, please do Al.


You need to actually reply to me if you want me to see your post.
And no not all brick heads have hands facing down, but those have special arm builds.
and congrats the bottom of his boot is red, so why is the upper part, the part you see, red.

Now that I’m looking at it I could add one more plate on the foot so that is less visible though then the height would be slightly off.

Fullmetal Alchemist is my favorite anime of all time, anyone who’s talked to me on any of the anime topics knows that, I just love it so much. This brickhead is awesome and if you ever get the chance PLEASE make ones for Alphonse, Mustang, Riza, and Winry.

OraNui seal of approval

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I do plan to do more FMA characters however I’m going to have to postpone it because I’d like to get some more specialized parts.

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Oh my gosh, he’s so short! /s

looks good. I like how it turned out.

but why’s his right foot red?