Brickheadz MOC: Vile (LDD)

Since people have made their own custom Brickheadz in the past, I decided to give it a go.
So I created one of my favorite Capcom characters, Vile.
If you don't know who Vile is or what he's from, here's the wiki page on the MMKB:

Without further ado, here's the MOC.



Left Side (Gun side, basically)

Right Side

Gun Front

Gun Back

Gun Side

Size comparison with mini-fig Vile

And finally, the original picture of the character:

That's it for this MOC, I might do some more of these in the future.
And yes, I am aware some colors are off. You don't need to mention that.

EDIT: holy crap this is hideous


Megaman characters really do not translate into brickheadz.

It looks really odd, the proportions and detailing don't really make this look 'vile' to me.

You know, the Star Wars Mandalorian helmet would fit that mini-fig Vile way better.

I'm not sure about all the red.

how did i ever think this was a good moc