Brickheadz MOCs: Requests Open!

You may remember that I opened up a TTV Brickheadz topic a year or so ago, in which people could request their self MOCs in the Brickheadz style. You can do the same thing here, but the main focus for this topic is to get your favorite movie or TV Characters in that style. Here’s some to get started:

The Lone Ranger:


Owen Grady

That One Funny Tech Guy Jurassic World (You know, the one who lets the T-Rex out?)

Finn The Human

Jake The Dog

@nexolo, Gladiator Hulk:


@Cocoa, Hikari

@Stuubh, Partuka

(By the way, thanks for giving me the opportunity to design a Kanohi Kiril, it was really fun.)

@LeKrahka Bojack Horseman

@Toa_Vladin, Ghost Rider (Steven Universe is right underneath)

Steven Universe

@Ahkmou, Jabba the Hutt

@Monarth, Beerus the Destroyer

@Asriel, Wärter 3.1 (The Patriarch is below)

Barbieo the Patriarch

@Toa_Vladin Hiccup

@Skycraft Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Steven King’s IT

@Skycraft again, Doomfist from Overwatch

@Samtastictogo Rick Sanchez

@Samtastictogo again, Morty Smith (man, that kid’s got weird hair), and your Master Chief will come some day. I’m sorry, I’ve just got about 10 more Brickheadz to do, and I don’t want to be distracted when I do a character that awesome and iconic.

@HewksDKowlihad Joseph Stalin

@Morgy Daredevil (I presume you meant the Netflix version)

@Peelacar, part 6 jotaro kujo and his stand star platinum (tell me how I did, by the way, I tried to get it as close to the picture as possible, but without being able to print certain details, I couldn’t make it perfect.)

@Phase (Tell me how you feel on the Kraahkan- it was really difficult, and I’m still not totally satisfied with it. Advice from anyone would be appreciated.)

Now, give me your requests! Pick your favorite movie or TV characters, or your self MOC if you want.


Gladiator hulk

It’d be cool to see Jayfa done like this if possible :slight_smile:

I know this sounds cliche, but I’d love to see my self-MOC as a Brickhead.

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Hi, I have two requests, if that’s alright. I wasn’t around for the first brickheads request topic, so would you please make mine? Here’s a picture:

Also, I’d love to see how you would pull off Yoda. Either one would be appreciated. Thanks.

Give me a good’ol Bojack Horseman, please.

Jabba the hutt would be awesome!


Iron man, Ghost rider, Steven Universe.

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Beerus the Destroyer

Wärter 3.1 please, and if you accept a second one, Barbielo

the main focus is tv but we can also request mocs cant we?

Hiccup from httyd.

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Could you do Pennywise from IT or Doomfist from Overwatch?


How about Rick and Morty from Rick and Morty

Or Master Chief from Halo
Or an Elite from Halo

Lol anything from Halo would be awesome (and they do count as movie characters because Forward Unto Dawn)

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do stalin pls


Daredevil from Daredevil

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part 6 jotaro kujo and his stand star platinum

My self moc and a star wars porg please.

@Stuubh, your MOC will be built (it should actually be quite fun!), but not Yoda. I’m pretty sure a Yoda Brickhead is coming out next year. Even if I’m wrong, there’s plenty of great Yoda MOCs already:

@Toa_Vladin, No Iron Man, same reason.
@Asriel, Yep.
@Phase, your MOC didn’t load right, I can’t see the whole thing.
@Toa_Vladin, There’s already an official Iron Man.
@Ghidora131, I presume you want the original mask, or do you want any other form?

Not even when you open it?

Taichi from Digimon Adventure 01