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So...any idea if there is a seller that sells large amounts of the Star Wars CCBS pieces?

You would probably need to do a search for yourself.


I want to buy stuff off of bricklink, but I have no idea what to do/ where to go on the site. Can I have some tips and/ or help?

What do you want to buy?

These collections of parts

You find a vendor selling all those parts and then order them from the vendor, finding a vendor with all the parts you want isn't really easy, and finding an afordable one to buy from.

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Ok thanks!

You just gotta:
- make an account
- Find a store with items that you want, for example, say you want a Ultimate Dume mask, you would search it up in "parts", then click View on the one you want, then find other stuff in the store that you want to buy.
- Once your cart has everything that you want in it, go to the checkout and select your payment method (I use Paypal)
- You will then receive a confirmation of your order.
- Within a few days you will receive an invoice, telling you how much the order will cost with the postage, which you must pay to the seller.

Tips for stores:
- Use stores with good feedback
- If you want to only buy single items, like 1 mask, try to choose a store in your country, otherwise you will end up paying more for postage than for the item itself.
- Buying the cheapest one isn't always good. Say you want a Gold Avohkii and a White Hau, and in one store the Avohkii is $15 and the Hau is $7, but in another store they are both $9... The store where they are both $9 is better, even though you are paying more for the Hau.

Hope that helps.


Make sure you have a paypal account set up before even considering ordering anything off of bricklink. Once you've got money in that account browse some set inventories for parts that you want. Browse some stores with those parts but make sure they are in the same country as you otherwise the shipping cost will kill you. Also make sure the store has as many pieces as you need before buying so you only have to pay shipping once. The store will have a SPLASH page that outlines their shipping fees. Make sure the fee is reasonable. On BL there isn't very much money tied into standard parts but the cost to ship them varies. Hope that helps, sorry for the wall of text but there is a bit to it :smile:


So I've order parts from a brick link store but they have made the shipping price an amount the isn't shown in there terms for shipping.

Why is this?

That's how it is.
If you live very far away, expect high shipping.

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We both lived in the same country (UK), anyway it was fixed so I can happily order my first brick link haul.

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Hey guys, I've recently been running low on Technic, CCBS parts, and old bionicle parts so I'm going to do a bricklink haul. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for bricklink stores with a good supply of CCBS and Technic that are in the U.S. I would prefer if they were closer to the northwest area of America.

Thanks again!


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Pretty sure Bricklink has a search feature - and you can generally judge whether the seller is good based on the reviews/ratings.

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I know, I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations that had a good supply of CCBS and Technic, as not all of them do

I think there is an option to add a sort of favourite's list, then you can find a store and by clicking an option it checks what the store has in stock concerning the favourites list.

Can try looking for stores for you, but its difficult finding stores that deliver to places other than where you live

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Any sellers people Reccomend to get Krana or Bohrok stuff in general?

I wanted to order like 6$ worth of parts, but when I looked at the shipping price... 20$!!!!! Really? Is there any way I can get free shipping on Bricklink? If there is no way, then is not worth for me to buy from Bricklink for parts. Can anyone help me? Is there any way to get free shipping?

You can't really get free shipping but since you live in Romania, I'd recommend
looking for countries in Europe or places near you to buy from.

Unless the seller gives free shipping.


Thank you. This helped me very much. I will try to buy from the places close to me to reduce the shipping cost. But unfortunately, doing this I won't get the smallest possible price on The actual pieces I order...

And the shipping price must be lower then the actual price for the parts, otherwise I won't be worth it.