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Ah yes, Bricklink. Oh how you could consume my money.

After all, you did just eat up thirty bucks just for a two hundred part shipment.



Why, why, why if you want to buy something it has to be atleast 5.00 or over? I just want a mask, one mask.


@Pyrox I had to buy something I didn't even need, just so I could get free shipping on Amazon!

(Just kidding, by the way smile )

I hope I could use brink link one day. :/

What do I need to sign up and buy/sell from Bricklink?

It'd be helpful if someone who's actually used it, gives me some type of idea of what I'd be getting into.

Thanks guys!


So I tied buying a piece recently and I found out that you need to exceed a minimum buying price. So I went around trying to add more to my kart but they all get added into separate karts. Can I get a little help from a veteran?


Bricklink has hundreds of different sellers. You want to buy all the parts you're interested in from the same seller.

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Alright I'll try that.

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I'm reviving this topic because I has question about the Brick of Link

I'm considering buying a lot, but since it's from outside of my country, I'm not sure how much it will cost in shipping. Is there any way that I can check that before I confirm the purchase?

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Most have it under their terms and guidelines

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Yep, I figured that out. Thanks anyway!

How exactly do I contact a seller on Bricklink without buying the product beforehand?

I tried entering the username here
but it said that the member didn't exist.

Bricklink can be quite confusing at times...

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Where's the pieces similar to the Nuva hand?

What part do you mean?

The old hand piece that doesn't really look like a hand.
But that isn't the exact one I'm looking for.
I'm looking for the one with a socket and axle connector part that has a similar design to the nuva hand, which I don't actually know the name of, but it was used as a hand from 02 to 08.


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Yes, thank you.

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but does this mean I can't use Candian dollars even if it ships worldwide? :grimacing:

Also, I want to know how many of you guys buy parts from multiple buyers at one time? I'd personally like to just buy from one to avoid hassle...

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Not too sure. I'd assume your CAD would need to have the appropriate exchange rate applied (which, combined with trans-atlantic shipping and customs, could turn out to be expensive). I recommend checking the numerous BL FAQs.

It really depends on selection and shipping cost for me.

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Thanks. Turns out I can use a currency converting site called to covert and transfer my CAD to euros if i'm not mistaken

oh wow, costs $9.45 apparently :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I'll try sticking with canadian sellers, but they only have like 60% of parts on my wanted list (which only consists of 27 unique parts) :sweat:

Do you often get parts from international sellers?

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Wow. That's actually less then domestic (Canadian) parcel shipping rates.