Bricklink Part Designer crash

Hey guys.
Looking for a little bit of help. So I just downloaded the Bricklink part designer and for the life of me I can’t get it to load.
Simply put it freezes up and crashes the second I try and load it.
I’ve tried a few things, fresh install, installing to the C and D drives, different install location.
I’ve looked online and can’t really find any helpful info either.
As you may know I use Studio with no issues at all but the part designer seems to be my Achilles heel at the moment.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, just let me know if you need any info that might be helpful in finding a sollution.


I’m not quite sure what the issue is, but you may just need to wait. PD takes a very long time to load up - run it, and then hands off the keyboard. If it shuts itself down, I’m not sure what the answer would be. But I believe you just need to wait.


Oww man, it really does just take that long to load doesen’t it. Never expected any program running from an M.2 ssd to take almost 5 minutes to load lol Thanks for the tip.


Both PD and Studio are held together with spit and duct tape. PD takes its sweet time to load up while Stud has a breakdown if you have too many custom parts. At least PD doesn’t freeze when you tab in.