Brickonickcle: Desert hideout ambush

The canon story behind this is that this outpost is one of many used by the sand tribe during the Core War. Most of them were scavenged since then, but this one somehow remained intact. In the story, this set would show up when Mata Nui is on his way to save Kiina from the Skrall, and he uses it to defend himself from a Skrall patrol. The actual set would include a Kiina minifig just to have another minifig, since lego sets don’t always follow the story exactly.
Anyway, onto the set:

Set name: Desert Hideout ambush
Pieces: 138 (that’s accounting for new molds and an actual head for Mata Nui)
Price: $10.99

open and close the hidden door to reveal the giant Thornax cannon

Run and get Mata Nui’s shield

Includes four minifigs: Kiina, Mata Nui, Elite Skrall, and Skrall warrior. Also includes Click

Wait… is that…? Yep, that’s definitely a Skrall Shield.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

And that’s it, as always, any comments, critiques, criticisms, complaints, or cobras are welcome!


Aside from the figures, the hut lack details or storage from the inside.
I kinda like the Vorox Helmet used on top, but that’s pretty much it-


The choice of background is very fitting (though I assume that now the pieces have traces of dirt on 'em)

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The cannon piece confused me but then I remembered how flick fire toys were banned after a certain accident, so North America got those decorational cannons with a crest (Which is actually nice compensation to make them more accurate as many cannons do have a crest) Thanks for the cobras