Brickonicle: Chronicler's Company

Takua & Jaller

the “Company” is in progress








These are great! Takua is adorable, and Jala looks suitably grumpy.

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Nice designs, I’m just afraid they’ll stand a bit too level with the Toa.

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I just imagine them being like 3/4 the height of a toa

@Asriel Maybe you could use the short legs to conwey that.



I have the thought of making all the matorans bodies the same, use the one I have already used, just repaint it, what do you guys think?

  • Use the same body
  • Use different bodies (More work for me D:)

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another question, should I make Tamaru a she?

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i see no problem, but don’t make Kongu a female too.

but here is a suggestion, how about making Taipu female instead?

I made a Huki for you.

Question, what program do you make these on? I used Windows Paint for mine.

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Taipu has joinned the party

she is my favorite for now


As long as Hafu stays like the original I’m good.

Although I think you should give them the short legs instead of the normal ones.

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I wonder if matoran should have the nuva symbol… I feel like that should be a Toa thing…

Also this.


for me, the nuva symbol only represents the tribe they belong to, nothing else

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Yeah, but there’s been talk on the podcast about the Toa possibly drawing power from the big a symbols in some way, it’s never really been gone into much detail, but I do recall it being mentioned.

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then it would make total sense for the matorans to have a little bit of elemental power

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Not what I meant. From what I recall, the plan is to have the nuva symbols turn them into Toa, in which case, it makes no sense for other matoran to have them.

Very nice. I like the color choices here and the decision to give the printless masks; making the Toa feel more legendary in comparison.

I thought about the tattoos as the tataus in far cry 3, as your skill progresses, you get more tataus, so when you become a toa you are full of tataus

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