Brickonicle Contest Entry- The Fire Temple of Unity

Set Name: The Fire Temple of Unity
Pieces: 378
Price: $34.99 ($35)

Join Tahu in his quest to obtain the Golden Mask of Unity! Includes 3 figures: Tahu, Ikir, Shadow Trap.

Activate the wall block feature!

Activate the Volcano explosion!

Claim the Golden Mask of Unity and unite Tahu with Ikir!


I like how Tahu can still unite with Ikir.

As for the structure itself, some of the texturing seems a bit too much, and there are a lot of colors that detract from the overall build. Anyway, good luck!

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I looks really great!
It combines function with looks really well, and the fact that you built it in real life is awesome as well!
The figures look neat, but the shadow trap could be better.

The whole thing just impresses me! Great job!



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This is really well done.

Well I can say it looks very much like something Lego would come up with, those features are pretty nice too… I’d buy it.

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Pretty good. The function is nicely integrated without hindering the aesthetics of the temple.

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Very nice. Very nice indeed.