Brickonicle Contest: Makuta's wrath

Name: Makita’s Wrath
Piece count: 153
Price: 15$

The entire set.

Toa Nokama and brick built big fig Makuta.

Heavy artillery crossbow.


It’s more of Axl proportion than a Big-Fig, kinda looks like a chubby Megatron tbh.

The small foliage and crossbow is nice, but doens’t look like a $15 dollar set.


Edited Title to Give More Context - BioSquire

Makuta sure let himself go.

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An interesting entry indeed.

The figures are meh, but I would say the actual build is alright.

The crossbow and Nokama look pretty nice, but the stubby legs and long feet look awkward with Makutas larger body.

I think it’s pretty good. The main reason being that you hand built it using the pieces in your collection, instead of using something like LDdraw, LDD, or So hat’s off to you good sir