Brickonicle Entry #2: Arrival at Turaga Beach

Set name: Arrival at Turaga Beach
Piece Count: 155
Price: $15

Help the newly arrived Toa Tahu defend Turaga Vakama from the rahi!

Turn the knob to pop the lid off of the Toa canister!


Rear view of the set w/ green activator knob


This is pretty good. I really like the way you did Tahu and Vahmaka. Though the Muaka and Kane-Ra could be better.


The Muaka and Kane Ra are alright, but I like how the Toa canister and everything else was designed.


This is a really unique and well executed concept. Smol simple n sweet!

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Oh wow, clever way to design the Muaka tiger and the Kane Ra.

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The figure design beside Tahu is relatively off-putting.
The canister build is pretty nice though.

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The Kane-Ra and Muaka are interesting ways of building them, if canonically being a bit small, however, Vakama just looks… off.

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That’s a nice canister you’ve built there.

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Looks like as a set that knod would be hard to turn for the feature. Maybe move it up or change the knob itself.

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I’m not to fond on the head piece you used for Tahu, but other than that it’s a great mini figure. Is definitely the most accurate I’ve seen.

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Looks good, would be nice if the canister was it’s own thing.

Rahi are great.

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I’m not a big fan of Vakama, but Tahu is fine. The Muaka and Kane-ra are fine, but the set piece is really well done!