Brickonicle Entry: Battle of the Mask Makers

Battle of the Mask Makers
Pieces: 657
Price: $64.99
Makuta has forged a forbidden mask, the Mask of Ultimate Power! Now he plans to show its potential within the Capital City. Only Ekimu, his brother, can stop him before it’s too late! Use the swiveling platform to wage battle between the two brothers and smash Makuta’s mask to pieces!

Included are two buildable figures of Ekimu and Makuta.
The forbidden Mask of Ultimate Power (which Ekimu can smash)

Action feature in the platform for both mask makers to duel it out.

Hope you enjoy this creation~


Ehh, it doesn’t look very set like.
Usually sets wouldn’t just be a thick chunk of terrain.
The figures are pretty cool although their heads are way too small and the MoUP look way too big.


I did my best.

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You very much did. I like it, but I’m more concerned about how it costs 64.99 and is a (slightly) small build. Of course that’s Eljay’s fault with his rules, but dang, that’s going to cost someone quite a bit.


This builds are really cool, the only problem is the price. 65$ for a chunk of land and two figures?

It’s in the rules. 100 pieces equals $10

Oh. In that case I suppose it doesn’t matter.

I think this is a pretty good example of the limitations Lego designers have when designing sets. While this is a pretty good idea, they would definitely have to reduce the parts count tremendously to achieve the same idea. It’s easy to rag on some sets that have exposed innards, but covering those up would blow up the price too much.

As a MOC, I like it. Even as a set I’d like it. The real challenge is limiting yourself to a realistic “parts budget” so to speak. When working with LDD it is very tempting to go all-out, but this contest measures constraint. I like that.

I really like it, but I think the Mask of Ultimate Power is too big for the figures sizes.

I like the integration of Mixel joints for the characters, I feel they work best as pose able action figures vs Minifigs. However while the set piece is solid and well built I feel that for it to be the scale with the figures in question it requires a lot of brick pieces (thereby increasing the cost) unfortunately because of that I can’t really see anyone paying $60 for this set, despite the fact it’s well built and looks a lot like smaller scale sets with minifigs (particularly like the Batman vs Superman set). With that said though I could see the little figures getting released very cheaply for around maybe $3-5 or maybe even buffed up a bit with custom pieces and prints by Lego and being sold like Mixels or the Nexo Knights >$10 sets :smiley:

Well I wanted something that actually looked like the mask itself for this set, most minifig helmets/head pieces didn’t look right to me.

@Spacenid Well the rules did give an example of price to parts ratio that I used, I assumed an actual set would be cheaper since smaller pieces are cheaper. I do agree on Mixel style Bionicle figures being sold as polybags or even multiple figures in one set.

That is quite the Mask of Ultimate Power.

Thank you. It looks big and bulky compared to Makuta, but at least it looks like the mask ^^;

I understand you dude.

Amazing. I want this now. The MOUP is a bit too big, but whatever.

I’m going to ask a dumb question, but do you mind explaining how you made the hip joint?

Here’s a basic idea on the construction of Ekimu’s spine, hope this helps.

How did you get that piece for the hip? I’ve never see it before! …is that the new nexo knights piece?

That’s what it is, all right.


@cabbieboy @21sselliW It is used in Nexo Knights, but as far as I know, I’m not sure if it was new to that line, it may be used in Technic sets as well.