Brickonicle Entry: Escape from Metru Nui

Set Name Escape from Metru Nui
Pieces 726
Price $69.99

As Makuta rises and takes flight, the Toa Metru must save the Matoran and escape their doomed city. As Makuta pursues the Vahki Transport with his Shadow Hand, Toa Vakama must use the Mask of Time to face off against him. Can the Toa escape Makuta and find new refuge?

-Seven minifigures with weapons: Turaga Dume, Turaga Lhikan, Vakama, Matau, Nuju, Onewa, Nuju, and Nivawk

-Interchangeable Mask of Time, Mask of Shadows, and Fire Swords

-Large buildable Makuta, with detachable wings and shadow hand

-Vahki Transport with three Matoran Spheres, and removable pilot’s section

Here’s a final action shot of the set:(Dume and Nivawk not pictured)

Notes: This is my second LDD moc, so any and all criticism is appreciated.


This looks cool, but Makuta could use some work


The transport seems a bit sloppy looking IMHO, although it seems to be a faithful recreation of the model from the movie. Also, I love the scout trooper helmet for Whenua’s mask!


Interesting. I like the execution of the Vahki Transport and how faithful it is to the official vehicle.

Whenua? More like Whereua, because there is no Whenua.


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makuta’s head is to small

Very nice. I like the way you did Makuta’s shadow hand.

I like this one. It reminds me of the Toa Crawler/Transport thing from 2007, which I loved when I was younger.

Looks good but the Makuta figure’s head looks disproportionate and the transport looks like it will collapse, the legs and spikes look very spindley.

I like the transport even tough it’s legs would probably collapse under it’s own weight. Also what happened to Teridax’s head?

*Onewa, sorry I can’t think today lol.

Cool only part that turns me away is the length of the legs. Could you
Make them shorter? I love this set and would definitely buy it. I have always wanted a build of the transport. If only it was build for constraction figures…

It is interesting.