Brickonicle Entry: Makuta Lair Attack

My (probably) last entry into the Brickonicle Contest!

Set Name: Makuta Lair Attack
Piece Count: 558
Price: $50

Transform Takua into Takanuva with the awesome turntable!

Attack the Rahkshi in his cave!

Minifigures include: Takanuva, Takua, Hahli, and Jaller, and buildable Rahkshi and Makuta figures!

Close up of buildable Rahkshi Turahk.

Close up of buildable Makuta.


It’s pretty nice, even if the cave area is a bit odd.

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Both Makuta and Rahkshi suffer a noticable bare gap; mainly Makuta face.
The size of the set doesn’t appeal $50 to me-

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