Brickonicle Entry: Mask of Air Ambush! [LDD]

Gadzooks! While trying to obtain the Golden Mask of Air, the snake guardian slithers in for an ambush! Help Lewa fend it of with his axe and bladed tonfa while Tamaru sneaks up behind with his tranquilizer staff!
Features: Lewa, Tamaru, Snake, Air shrine, hidden chest and MORE!

Get the Golden Mask and increase Lewa’s POWER! Collect them ALL!

Search around back to find chest full of hidden treasures!

Fight back the snake long enough for Tamaru to stun it!

Includes (from left to right): Tamaru with tranquilizer staff, Lewa with axe, air energy and bladed tonfa, and giant articulate snake guardian.

Name: Mask of Air Ambush.
Part count: 140.
Price: 13.99.


This is a fantastic set piece, I like the design you have here of the snake and the mini figures are pretty good.

Pretty neat, though the snake looks more derpy than threatening :stuck_out_tongue:


Overall pretty good, great design especially for a smaller set, though what is in the chest? Could it be my -smegul voice- Precious?

Pretty cool set, and It’s interesting how you kind of mashed G1 and G2 concepts together.

I like the look of the snake, even if it is a bit strange.

@Kardax Thanks for the feedback.

@Rockho Maybe, but Derpy is good in my book. Also, I was building it past midnight, so… I was half asleep.

@Sealman133 How did you know?! Also the top of Saruman’s staff and a pink gem.

@Drahcir_Nosnevets Thanks for the feedback.

@Doot.r Thanks for the feedback. See above.


-golem voice- can I have my precious back now?

I guess…,%20Utensil%20Ring%201%20x%201%20-%20Lord%20of%20the%20Rings&category=[Minifig,%20Utensil]#T=C

So many to choose from… but which one is MY precious? (Please not I have a time of lord of the rings sets…)

Neat serpent.