Brickonicle Entry: The mask makers forge

My entry is: The mask makers forge
Piece count: 2,732
Price: The exact price according to the rules is $273.20 but I think this set should be $180 or $200
Minifigures: 17
With the mask makers forge free from the control of evil the inhabitants of Okoto can enjoy it once again. Features include: The mask makers forge with a doll house style openings allowing you to look inside and play, the garden and the burnt tree stump (caused by Makuta in the comics), Kongus Kafe a good place to stop and eat (I know they don’t eat, but I like to think they do), a small kolihi field (who doesn’t love a game of kolihi?), all 6 toa with dual function weapons, and Ekimu’s transformation chamber from JTO.

Here it is populated

Kongus Kafe

Kolihi match


Takua entering the forge

Back view of the forge with panels closed

Back view of the forge with panels opened

The forge it self!

Nuparu cleaning out makutas dusty unorganized attic space

Ekimus attic

Open the chamber and turn the wheel to reveal TOA EKIMU!

Ekimu (matoran form), Makuta, Takua, Jaler/Jala, Hali, Maku, Matoro, Kongu, Hewkii, and Nuparu

The toa with there weapons ready to fight! (and alt. modes in front)

There weapons turned into transportation.

Tahu and Lewa travel forms from the side.


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Super blocky and relatively overpriced-
Theirs no way that a single hinge can hold an entire plate:


It’s too MOC-like and blocky.

Lego would never make something THIS huge. It feels like a nice MOC but I doubt this would transfer well as a build able set. Too many baseplates, too many BURPs, the forge itself looks like it would topple from side to side, and it just lacks color.

It’s a nice MOC but this wouldn’t make a good set.


This is a pretty cool build but just could not work as a Lego set
yeah pretty much what @Chronicler said

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This is awesome, but it’s not very set like-well, pretty much what everyone else is saying.

The Build is slightly Blocky-ish but I think it does capture how the original concept artists presented the Forge. it’s accurate IMO. To play the devil’s advocate here I think this build COULD work as a set if the builder intended it to be some kind of UCS set. (which considering how popular Bionicle was I can see Lego making a UCS for the theme had G2 not bombed). in my opinion i find this MOC really good with a lot of Character put into the Forge and the world around it.