It is the legendary Mask of Light! Help Takua and Jaller discover the powerful mask, and with the special play feature send it flying in the lava! Then, help Toa Tahu Nuva recover the Mask to save the island of Mata Nui!

Set Name: The Mask of Light
Piece Count: 120
Price: $12

Minifigures: Takua, Jaller, Toa Nuva Tahu

Accessories Include: Mask of Light, Two Kohlii Sticks, Toa Tahu’s Lava Swords

Play Features: Launch the Mask of Light of it’s stand into the lava!

Fourth Wall: My first entry into this really interesting contest. As such, it is supposed to be a small, 12 dollar set. I am very proud of it, but I promise to have at least one more bigger set built for the contest. The set is based on the iconic scene from The Mask of Light movie. Honestly, I like the rock build, but the thing I am most proud of the helmet I used for the Avohkii, which I think works really well with what we have. Any comments and criticism is totally welcome. Enjoy!


I want to take a closer look at those falls.


As much as I like the movie, I hate that line with a passion.