Brickonicle Entry: The Theft of the Makoki Stone

I’ve never done this before, let’s see how it goes.

This is based on an obscure scene in Bionicle Legends 4: Legacy of Evil. In the first chapter of the book it explains how Vezok and Hakann were indoctinated into the Dark Hunters.

As a side note this is made with the characters as humans I imagine some people will dislike that but give it a shot.

Set information:
Name: The Theft of the Makoki Stone
Piece count: 624
Price: $60 USD

Minifigures: from left to right
unamed Toa of The Green, Toa Lhikan, Ancient, Vezok and Hakann

Without weapons:

While in the book Vezok and Hakann scale a cliff, sneak into the fort and steal the Makoki stone; to give the set more functions I slightly tweaked it. Firstly I got rid of the ice cliff and made the fort taller to compensate, and then I removed the door so I could add in a “break in” and “break out” function.

Functions not in use

Functions in use +alternate angle

The interior:
First floor: 2 Barrels, a carpet, a table with a glass and papers on it and a weapons weapons rack holding a hammer, a key and a knife.
Second floor: Balcony with 2 crossbow mounts, 2 more barrels and another weapons rack this time holding an axe, a short and long sword and a pitchfork.
Third floor: as described in the book the Makoki stone sits atop a table alone in a room

Interior shot with functions activated

The set also includes Ancient’s boat that he and Vezok leave in:

Finally: a shot of everything in the set in a “non action” pose.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the set would also come with two masks: a Hau for Lhikan and one for the Toa of The Green


what is that?


A Toa of The Green is essentially a Toa of Jungle but the G1 version.


I like it!
Definitely a obscure choice for a set, but a good one!

The building looks detailed enough, and I like the built up landscape surrounding it! The boat was a nice addition as well!
My only complaint would be the human mini-figs, but I understand the difficulty of making them look bio-mechanical.

Overall, I think it looks great! You get all this, and just for $60.00! Awesome job, and I wish you good luck in the contest!


It looks good, but the minifigs really bother me.

Isn’t that Toa of Plantlife?


I don’t know BIONICLE but are there humans in the old phases…? Oh and also dual molded legs will never work in Bluerender unless you know how to do it right :wink:

The model looks very MOC-ish and nice :slight_smile:

The official Term is, in fact, Toa of the Green.

But that sounds too weird, so the fans like to refer to this group as Toa of Plantlife.


Very nice. The overall look and shaping of the structure works and the snow concealing the bottom is a nice touch, as is the boat. The minifigs are decent, but something about the human heads and hair feels odd.

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No there aren’t humans in the original G1 phase of Bionicle, however I was trying to make the designs slightly more ninjago-esc as I feel if Lego were to make Bionicle as a system series nowdays it would probably have ninjago style sets (with human minifigs).

PS: Wait so there is a specific way to get duel molded legs to show up on bluerender? Would it be possible for you to explain how to do this; so I can put in better quality images of the minifigs.

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I like the build but I’ve never really been a fan of humanized Bionicle.

That’s not really to say that your minifigs are bad, but it’s simply not a concept I’m fond of.


My only issue with this set is that it might be hard to position things on the interior of the building, I think the rooms could be a bit shallower or floors could be removable so it’s easier to put stuff inside/take things out.

Good build, but I cannot get behind human/humanoid bonkles.

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So I take it you dislike all of the Toa, Piraka, Barraki, etc? :stuck_out_tongue:

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This reminds me of the LOTR sets. Good job.

In the book they specifically say Toa of Plant life.

“The Green” is the glatorian equivalent to the Toa’s plant life.

This is very well done; particularly the parapets on the castle and the chunks of ice encircling the structure.

It’s cool, but the minifigures don’t really seem like Bionicle characters.

Heck. I meant humanoid as in species like elves/orcs and other things like that.

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