Brickonicle Ep.1 Opening Monologue [Music, Show Production]

(Brainstorm 4 just came out as I was finishing editing, what perfect timing!)

So this was based off one of the Brainstorms, when they were talking about how in the first episode, Norik would give the backstory of the Brothers from his perspective, and that how it would lead into the island being frozen.

(Don’t mind the G2 images; I was lazy and didn’t want to draw/ask permissions from artists)
Obviously I have many talents; voice acting is not one of them. :sweat_smile: So if anyone is good at voice acting, and can make a pretty clean recording, let me know!

Want to see how it was recorded? The outtakes? Or better yet, want to see me act like a cringe-fueled idiot? Then check out the Behind the Scenes video below!

Stay Tuned… I guess.


you could ask @Oomatu if he could draw some.

he also takes Commissions.


Thats great. Maybe if Norik at the end said something like “And thus, Makuta, was punished unjustly for his foolish brother’s grave mistake.”

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Well done. If I had equipment, I’d give voicing this a shot, but all I have is my phone to record on. :stuck_out_tongue:

So would the “correct” version that plays in future episodes use the same music underneath, or would it be adjusted to differentiate from the “wrong” one?


If you’re interested, there are mics you can buy for phones, but they can get expensive for the high-quality ones.

Well… Yes and no. It’d of course be shorter, and won’t have the intense build-up to the explosion. But some themes will probably carry over. Plus, it’ll probably transition into the opening theme.


Dangit, you beat me to it.

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That makes sense. I was looking through the version I had come up with, to see if I could adjust it to make the Elemental Gods come after the Matoran, instead of before. I still like the idea of the Gods coming first, but the cast probably has those parts set in stone.

Here’s the section with the adjustment to compare to that other post.

In a time long past,
The Great Beings created the Island of Artakha.
These brothers made it a prosperous land,
Filled with many beasts, and sustained by great elemental energies.

One brother wanted more, and a new species was born.
The Matoran.
This was a fragile race,
But in exchange for fortitude, they were given something more.

This formed a rift between the brothers.
In an effort to keep order, guardians were created.
The Elemental Gods.
However, the rift between the brothers grew,
Beginning a battle that shook the Island to its very core.

The rest would be identical to the first version. The shortened version would also be identical to how I said it before.

So I assume the Norik version would play in episode 1 of the 2-parter, then the true version would play at the end of episode 2, leading into the theme. After that, the shorter version would be used at the beginning of episodes, like normal.