Brickonicle: Forge of the Mask Makers

Name: Forge of the Mask Makers
Piece Count: 1059
Price: $94.99

Make your way to the Forge, with Tahu and Ekimu, and defeat the evil Skull Grinder!

Flip the lever at the center to destroy the floor and launch your enemy!

Shoot studs and take down Skull Grinder! Watch out for Skull Spiders launched from the catapult. (Six included)

Brick built figures include Ekimu the Mask Maker with a stand to hold his Mask of Creation and his mask making hammer with two stud shooters.
Tahu, Master if Fire comes with two flame swords that combine into his lava board, along with his normal and golden Mask of Fire.
And last, but not least, Skull Grinder! Equipped with his mask stealing ax and blade! ready to take on Ekimu and the Toa!


The figures are awesome.

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Thanks :3

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Noice. The choice of Macrofigs is a unique one, to be sure.

This is pretty good. Though Ekimu could be a bit better. Also, I’m pretty sure you have to leave a link to the original contest page to officially enter, if that’s what you’re going for. I’m not quite sure because you gave a price an piece count, but you’ve never actually said Brickonicle anywhere.

@Drahcir_Nosnevets Thank you. I think the brick built Macrofigs give more detail than using what I can from LDD’s minifigure palette.

@MaximusPrime I already linked it on the contest page

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Awesome figures and mask pedestal

Thank you so much

Alright then. Anyway, like I said, this is amazing.

Kow tows Excellent!

Oh man, Ekimu did not skip leg day haha! Neat looking set too :slight_smile:

Gotta keep them robo legs in shape~