Brickonicle Gali Nuva

I know I’m like 2 years late but are we still doing brickonicle?

Having learned how to resize pieces in and having Sokoda’s decals to go off of, I was hit with a bit of inspiration today to try making a proper minifig of Gali Nuva. It’s been pointed out to me that the mask is probably too complex for a mold that small. Also the torso decal needs some work.

I’d like to make all 6 Toa Nuva like this eventually.

C&C is appreciated :slight_smile:


This should be posted to the Brickonicle sub-category listed under the TTV Channel category

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It’s been so long since I’ve heard that name…

Since I don’t think it’s supposed to be part of the Brickonicle continuity and just a minifigure of a character from the original I think he’s safe

I’m safe… :weary:


Very cool! How do you resize parts in Studio? Via the PartDesigner?

That’s the spice

I’m very much a fan of this.

Awesome! I think a different piece for the axes would look better, but still an awesome minifig. I would buy minifigs of all the Nuva if they looked like this.

Looking cool :sunglasses:!

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I kinda like Brickonicle now I’m sad I missed it

I know Sokoda basically did the same thing like 2? years ago but I wanted to make my own with a shrunken Miru

Also this is now my topic for bionicle minifigs